ANAB is seeking nominations for the annual Terry Burgess Assessor of the Year Award. Nominations are open until November 14 and may be submitted using the online nomination form

Established in 2017 to honor the memory of Terry Burgess, a valued ANAB employee, the award recognizes outstanding service by ANAB contract assessors. After serving in the U.S. Air Force and industry, Burgess joined ANAB as an assessor and later became an Accreditation Manager for calibration.  She retired from ANAB following a recurring cancer diagnosis in 2016, and passed away in October of the same year. During her time with ANAB, she was a trusted colleague and friend to the ANAB team and others, and always went above and beyond to exceed expectations.

All nominations should include a narrative of why the assessor is being nominated and should focus on the traits that Burgess exemplified: teamwork, going the extra mile, customer service, professional advancement, creativity and innovation, performance excellence, leadership skills, and commitment.

Only contract assessors for ANAB management systems programs and contract lead assessors for all other ANAB accreditation programs (including legacy ANSI accreditation programs) are eligible for the award.

The award will be in conjunction with ANAB’s January assessor development session.

Rob Dye Receives Fifth Annual Burgess Assessor Award

Rob Dye is the recipient of the fifth annual Terry Burgess Assessor of the Year Award.  Established to honor the memory of a valued ANAB employee, the Burgess Award recognizes outstanding service by an ANAB contract assessor. A well-earned and deserved honor.

Rob has been working with ANAB since 2009 as a management systems accreditation assessor.  Prior to contracting with ANAB, he was a customer of ANAB, serving as International Director at a management systems certification body, accredited by various accreditation bodies around the world.

He started his career in industry where he served as a quality technician for circuit board manufacturers, then a quality engineer for a components manufacturer that serviced various industries including defense and aerospace, and last, before joining the conformity assessment body (CAB), he was a quality assurance officer for a hospital.

Because of Rob’s firsthand experience with a CAB and knowledge from a range of industries; he has been a perfect fit as an accreditation assessor.  He successfully strikes the balance between understanding a CAB’s business, knowledge of the requirements, and understanding various industries serviced by third-party accredited conformity assessment activities.

Since Rob has been with ANAB he has never thought twice about volunteering and helping us with systems, training, improvement initiatives, etc.  We can always count on Rob to step up, and having his input is invaluable.

In addition to supporting ANAB as an assessor, Rob is director of Arrowhead Training Inc and partners with ANAB for various management system training courses.  Rob has also recently expanded his support of ANAB as an ANAB validation and verification lead assessor.

Not only is he an active accreditation assessor for management systems, but he also serves the Management Systems group beyond assessor. He is an Executive Assessment Team Leader - our EATL role, analogous to an account manager - and as an Assessor Review Panel member, helping to evaluate other accreditation assessors to ensure ANAB provides a consistent level of service and provides value to our customers.

Rob has been a leader with ANAB for over 10 years, he conducts on average of 150 assessor days annually and he meets or exceeds all of our service timing targets, which demonstrates his commitment to customer service.

As the nominations stated,

“Rob has excellent communication and interpersonal skills which enables him to build successful relationships at every level…”

“Excellent interface with all employees with clear and concise communications from the planning stage -through the assessment and post nonconformity activity.”

“… He has a very relaxed demeanor. He is firm but fair and after 13 ANAB office assessments the 2021 assessment with Rob was the MOST value added assessment that I have experienced.”

“Rob always provides 100% customer service. More importantly…he has a deep insight into management systems…”

“He takes the initiative to care about the members of the assessment team and evaluates team members objectively and gives correct guidance to them accordingly.”

Rob resides in Norfolk United Kingdom where he has lived for several years, previously he lived a number of years in the United States.   In his free time, Rob is an avid runner and enjoys quality time with his family, wife Louise, daughter Rachel and son Michael. 

The award was presented to Rob on March 13, 2022, please join us in congratulating Rob.

RD - Award

Rob Dye, recipient of the fifth annual Burgess
Assessor Award