The Apprenticeship Expert Panel develops the requirements used to evaluate the competence of apprenticeship programs. Members of the Expert Panel are required to complete conflict of interest and confidentiality agreements applicable to ANAB’s confidentiality policies and abide by all procedures ensuring impartiality as stipulated in ANAB-PL-1017: Impartiality Policy.

The functions of the Expert Panel are:

  • To provide technical inputs on the Requirements for apprenticeship programs;
  • To advise the program staff on any other matters relating to the competency requirements for apprenticeship programs;
  • To serve on 3-member Recognition Decision Panels as needed; and
  • To provide guidance on technical matters related to apprenticeship program recognition.

Members and Officers

The Expert Panel consists of 10-20 national experts in credentialing with expertise across different sectors and occupations Members on the Expert Panel are appointed for a three-year period and eligible to serve for two additional terms.

Decision on Recognition of Apprenticeship Programs

All initial and re-recognition decisions are made by a Recognition Decision Panel (RDP) comprised of three members of the Expert Panel who have been screened for conflict of interest. Members are appointed by the Apprenticeship Recognition Program staff. The RDP will conduct a detailed review of the results of the assessment of an apprenticeship program based on the assessment reports, results of the resolution of NCRs, and any other pertinent information. For technical guidance on the requirements, the RDP may consult the Expert Panel.


Staff Contacts

Caitlin O’Connell
Manager, Certificate Accreditation Program