Accreditation Manual

    MA 3033, Accreditation Manual for Forensic Service Providers

    MA 3033 (ES), Manual de Acreditacion para Proveedores de Servicios Forenses

    Establishes policies for and describes the process for ANAB accreditation of forensic service providers.


    FA 3067, Forensic Service Provider Application for Accreditation

    FA 3070, Application Appendix 3 Draft Scope for Inspection Bodies (AR 3055, AR 3037, or AR 3120)

    AG 1008, Terms and Conditions for Accreditation

    AG 1008 (ES), Términos y Condiciones para la Acreditación

    Requirement Documents and Checklists

    AR 3037, ISO/IEC 17020:2012 International (Non-USA) Forensic Inspection Bodies Accreditation Requirements

    AR 3037 (ES), ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Entidades Internacionales de Inspección Forense (no estadounidenses) Requisitos para la Acreditación

    This accreditation program is available as an option to forensic testing laboratories outside the United States. This document describes the ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body accreditation requirements for forensic agencies under this program.

    PR 3082, Minimum Requirements for Assessment Activities ANAB AR 3037 International Inspection Bodies Accreditation Program

    PR 3082 (ES), Requisitos Mínimos para las Actividades de Evaluación del Programa de Acreditación 17020:2012 Internacional (no estadounidense) (AR 3037)

    PR 1018, Policy on Use of ANAB Accreditation Symbols and Claims of Accreditation Status 

    Guidance Documents

    GD 3064, Example Scope of Accreditation for Forensic Service Providers

    GD 3134, Crosswalk AR 3055 and AR 3037 to AR 3120

    GD 3134 (ES), Documento de Correlación Entre Normas AR 3055 and AR 3037 to AR 3120

    Other Documents

    FM 3041, Alternative Proficiency Test Request Form

    FM 3048, Non-accredited Calibration Provider Approval

    FM 3056, PT/ILC Four-year Plan

    FM 3058, ISO/IEC Document Ownership Certification

    FM 6001, Appeal Form