ILAC G8, Guidelines on the Reporting of Compliance with Specification

Guidelines for testing and calibration laboratories and their customers on the decision and reporting of compliance or non-compliance with specified requirements.

ILAC G18, Guideline for the Formulation of Scopes of Accreditation for Laboratories

Information on how to define the scope of accreditation and identify some criteria and ways of assessing the scope to provide practical guidance for an effective and harmonized application of relevant international standards.

ILAC R7, Rules for the Use of the ILAC MRA Mark

ILAC P10, ILAC Policy on the Traceability of Measurement Results

ILAC G17, Introducing the Concept of Uncertainty of Measurement in Testing in Association with the Application of ISO/IEC 17025

Describes how the concept of uncertainty of measurement in testing has changed recently and how it should be introduced with regard to current understanding. The main goal is harmonization of application between different disciplines, industry sectors, and economies.

ILAC P14, ILAC Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration

Addresses the estimation of uncertainty of measurement and its expression on calibration certificates of accredited laboratories.

NISTIR 6919, Recommended Guide for Determining and Reporting Uncertainties for Balances and Scales

Provides service personnel with a method to identify and quantify the uncertainty components for scale and balance calibrations in both field and laboratory environments.

Eurachem CITAC Guide CG 4, Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement

Detailed guidance for evaluation and expression of uncertainty in quantitative chemical analysis, based on the approach taken in the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).

NIST SP 811, Guide of the Use of the International System of Units

Gives laboratories guidance on how to determine calibration intervals. Identifies and describes methods available for evaluation of calibration intervals.

ILAC P8, ILAC MRA: Supplementary Requirements and Guidelines for the Use of Accreditation Symbols and Claims of Accreditation Status

Developed to ensure a more uniform approach to use of accreditation symbols and the manner in which a laboratory may refer to its accreditation status and the ILAC MRA. Only statements that use the term "shall" are requirements (v. guidelines).

Selection, Use and Interpretation of Proficiency Testing Schemes (Eurachem)

Guidance on establishing and managing a proficiency testing/ILC program. Applicable to all types of laboratories, general in nature, and easy to read and understand, with useful examples.

NIST SP 960-12, Stopwatch and Timer Calibrations

NIST Recommended Practice Guide created to a fill a gap in the metrology literature. Assists the working metrologist or calibration technician by describing the types of stopwatches and timers that require calibration, specifications and tolerances of these devices, methods used to calibrate them, and estimated measurement uncertainties for each calibration method.

Guidance from Fluke Calibration Concerning Uncertainties Relevant to the Emissivity of Infrared Calibrators and Gauges

Good for not only calibration laboratories but also for the users of infrared guns and cameras.