This program includes accreditation requirements for third-party inspection bodies conducting fire resistance rating verification of fire doors and frames (“product”) in the event of a missing or compromised listing label. Specific regulatory listing label requirements must be met during installation of fire doors and frames but occasionally the label becomes compromised, has been removed, or is covered.

This accreditation program ensures a consistent and reliable inspection process for verifying the minimum fire resistance rating of installed doors and frames, and assists the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that makes product approval decisions. This type of inspection is site specific and depends on the original drawings approved by the municipal AHJ and the life safety plan of the site.

Products undergoing this inspection process do not acquire product certification or listing, nor should any singular evaluation of a product imply or cause to transfer a determination of conformance of similar existing product or any subsequently produced or altered product(s) or system(s).

Program Documents (including FA 2007, MA 2100, TR 2502, and other documents)

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