Step 1

Become familiar with ANAB IRAP Recognition Requirements by visiting the IRAP Documents and Resources section of this website.

Step 2

Preliminary Application: Fill out preliminary application form IRAP-FR-401 and submit it along with all supporting documentation to

Step 3

Application: Once an IRAP Sponsor has been accepted as a preliminary applicant, it will be invited to file a full application within 90 days using IRAP-FR-403: Application for ANAB Recognition. IRAP-FR-403 will be sent upon preliminary eligibility approval.

Step 4

Document Review: ANAB conducts a desk review for all applications received. This is the review of the documentation received against the relevant requirements of the IRAP recognition program. During this time IRAP Sponsor may be asked to submit additional documents that are requested by the assessment team.

Step 5

On-site Assessment: Some IRAP Sponsors may require a one- to two-day assessment at the site of the IRAP Sponsor’s main office(s). The may be conducted remotely.

Step 6

Corrective Action: During the course of the ANAB assessment process, the IRAP Sponsor may receive notice of nonconformance with one or more requirements. It is the responsibility of the IRAP Sponsor to correct these nonconformities to be considered for recognition.

Step 7

Upon successful closure of all nonconformities, the IRAP Sponsor will be awarded Recognition of their IRAP.

Remote Assessments

Remote assessments allow businesses to continue their vital operations and still watch out for the health and safety of their team. Here’s what the process looks like.

  • First, we work together to determine your eligibility for a remote assessment.
    • We look at whether the needed documentation is available electronically and if an appropriate technology solution fits your situation.
  • Next, we determine what platform or technology makes the most sense for everyone.
  • Then, we conduct a trial run to ensure everything will run smoothly. Once your documents are submitted and reviewed you will complete a series of interviews and remote assessments.
    • Some follow up visits may be scheduled to make sure we have everything that we need.
  • And then you’re done. Your assessment has been completed.


If you have further questions, please contact Caitlin O’Connell at 202-384-0184 or