Accreditation of Training Providers is Especially Important in the Oil and Gas Industry

In high-consequence industries such as petroleum, small mistakes can become expensive incidents or dangerous or even fatal disasters. And in many accidents, human error is the cause.

Effective training significantly reduces errors and risk. But how can you be sure a training program is effective?

Third-party accreditation by ANAB provides continual quality assurance for an outcome-based training certificate program.

ANAB Certificate Accreditation Program (ANAB-CAP)

ANAB-CAP provides neutral, third-party attestation that a certificate-based training program leads to better-educated, qualified workers. When employers, trainees, and policy makers see the ANAB accreditation symbol, they can have confidence that the certificates you award represent the best in quality education and training with effective outcomes.

You're already using standards approved by ANSI for your best practices. Shouldn't you demonstrate that highest level of quality assurance to the market?

ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017, Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Training Programs

Why Seek ANAB Accreditation for Your Training Certificate Program?

  • ANAB is the nationally and internationally trusted name in standards and conformity assessment.
  • Employers and regulators increasingly look for ANAB accreditation to differentiate the most effective skills-based training programs aligned with critical workforce needs.
  • ANAB-CAP accreditation demonstrates to the public that a program meets or exceeds a recognized quality standard for learning: the American National Standard ASTM E2659, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.
  • Accreditation by ANAB can provide educational defensibility for a quality training program and can help with legal and public defensibility if an incident occurs.
  • Going through the ANAB accreditation process helps a training program keep its policies, procedures, operations, and faculty up to date and in line with current knowledge and best practices, and this is especially critical in high-risk environments and high-consequence industries.
  • For more, download: Top 10 Advantages of Accredited Third-Party Conformity Assessment

Look for the ANAB Accreditation Symbol

A certificate means much more when ANAB accreditation assures quality and value.

Watch a quick video testimonial of a training provider whose certificate program is stronger because of  ANAB-CAP.

Get Started with ANAB Accreditation

Enroll in ANAB's Certificate Issuers' Accreditation Workshop for an introduction to the process and requirements for developing a quality, outcome-based education and training course.


Turan Ayvaz
Senior Director, Certificate Accreditation