The objective of this section of the website is to provide for reference to ANAB-accredited product certification bodies and all interested parties the December 1st, 2008, version of the "Voluntary Agreement for the Mutual Acceptance of Test Data."

While manufacturers recognize the value of third-party certification, it is apparent that they view with increasing concern the costs incurred from the proliferation of new certification programs, requirements, and what is perceived as ensuing redundant testing and certification activities. To address this issue, the ANAB Accreditation Committee (ACC) for product certifiers began a multi-perspective review in an effort to increase the acceptance of test data by the ANAB-accredited certification bodies.

Following completion of a survey to solicit product certification body interest in mutual acceptance of test data, the ACC developed a template agreement for interested certification bodies. Key issues to be addressed were:

  • Type of labs used by ACBs.
  • Evaluation of the degree of ACB compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.
  • Methodology upon which ACBs assess labs.
  • Mutual indemnification and minimal liability insurance for participants.
  • Need to define a level of minimal requirements for parties related to the mutual acceptance of test data vis-à-vis ISO/IEC Guide 65 (now ISO/IEC 17065), ISO/IEC 17020, and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

The primary objective of this "Voluntary Agreement for the Mutual Acceptance of Test Data" is to encourage ANAB-accredited certification bodies that wish to participate in an agreement to endeavor to reduce requirements for redundant testing and as well, economize on costs, maximize efficiency, and avoid duplication associated with the third-party certification process.

Voluntary Agreement for the Mutual Acceptance of Test Data, rev 2008-12-01

Cover Letter from ANAB Accreditation Committee (ACC)