ISO/IEC 17043 Documents

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An application is provided with each quotation. The application packet should be submitted in electronic format, when possible, and must include the following:

  • A completed application form (including all relevant locations to be covered by the accreditation)
  • Quality manual
  • Procedures and work instructions required by the standard
  • Procedures and work instructions covering regional proficiency tests, which shall include planned arrangements for test supervision and confidentiality and determination that different test or measurement methods for any measure are technically equivalent, and the steps to assess participants' result using these methods accordingly
  • Organizational structure, specifically noting the persons or organizations responsible for assigning the property values of all artifact types related to the application for accreditation
  • A list of all relevant experts, if applicable
  • Completed draft scope of accreditation for proficiency test providers, following the template provided in the application for proficiency test provider accreditation
  • A list of artifact suppliers
  • A list of suppliers of calibration or verification services
  • An example report for each proficiency test for which accreditation is sought

Upon receipt of the completed application packet (signed by the customer's authorized representative) and application fee, ANAB reviews the application to ensure it includes all information needed and to make sure ANAB has the proper accreditation credentials and resources.

Then ANAB acknowledges receipt of the application and ensures that all customer expectations can be met, particularly the customer's desired scheduling. The customer and ANAB work together to determine assessment dates.

This diagram outlines the ANAB accreditation process:

Lab Accreditation

ANAB accreditation activities shall be confined to the scope provided with the application. Areas of accreditation include but are not limited to:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Environment
  • Biological and clinical properties
  • Dimensional measurement and inspection
  • Dimensional, mechanical, thermodynamic, electrical calibration
  • Materials testing
  • Metallurgy
  • Others

Request a quote or for more information about accreditation for proficiency testing providers, contact ANAB at or 414-501-5494.

ANAB provides accreditation for TNI Environment Proficiency Test Providers.