Here's a sampling of what our customers said about ANAB training:

"I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for the [Fundamentals of Measurement Uncertainty] course. I have been working in metrology for 18 years since I joined the military out of high school, and while I knew there were rules, I didn't understand where they came from. This course was able to connect the dots for me in so many ways that were unclear before."
"I really enjoyed the lead assessor intensive course.  It was the best course I ever had for quality. It is like a manual for being an assessor."
"I want to thank you for a great [lead assessor intensive] training course. I found the information and learning experience very exciting and thought-provoking. Additionally, the review exercise of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard reinforced and added to my knowledge base."
"I entered the course "Understanding requirements and concepts of ISO/IEC 17021-1" as a CB i work for mandated this class and i was close minded given my background in IAF Guide 62/66. I exited the course impressed and very happy i took the course as the instructor clarity was amazing. Learned a ton. Now, hopefully i can pass the test! Thanks to all involved with the training - it was an excellent experience."
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