ISO 17034 Reference Material Producer (RMP) Accreditation

What is ISO 17034 Reference Material Producer (RMP) Accreditation?

ANAB RMP accreditation program is designed for organizations seeking to produce any type of certified reference materials (CRM) and/or reference materials (RM).

The ANAB Reference Material Producer (RMP) accreditation program will help assure the quality of certified reference materials (CRM) and reference materials (RM) used for testing by assuring compliance to the international standard ISO 17034 and ANAB accreditation requirements based on national and international requirements.

Reference Material Producers must follow criteria designed to assure the quality of RMs and CRMs production. This includes requirements for RMP operations and for demonstrating competence in the planning, control, production, assignment of property values, and distribution of CRMs and RMs.

RMPs can be accredited to produce a wide variety of CRMs and RMs used in all industries for critical and measurable properties along with establishing metrological traceability. Certified reference materials (CRM) and reference materials (RM) are developed to specific levels of accuracy so that reference material can be individually selected to assure it is appropriate for its intended use.
Our goal through RMP accreditation is to improve the quality of RMPs and the quality of the certified reference materials (CRM) and reference materials (RM) they produce. ANAB accreditation managers and RMP experts have practical experience in the field and are often viewed as peers to the RMP.

The ANAB RMP accreditation program is well-established and should be your choice for accreditation for organizations perform sample collection activities.

Steps to Accreditation

accreditation process steps
  • Steps for Getting Accredited
  • Request a Quote
  • File Application
  • Prepare for Accreditation Assessment
  • Submit Documentation for Review
  • (Optional) Preliminary Assessment
  • Accreditation Assessment
  • Corrective Action (if applicable)
  • ANAB Accreditation Decision
  • Receive Accreditation Certificate

ISO 17034

General Requirements for the Competence of Reference Material Producers

ISO 17034 specifies general requirements for the competence and consistent operation of reference material producers.

ISO 17034 sets out the requirements in accordance with which reference materials are produced. It is intended to be used as part of the general quality assurance procedures of the reference material producer.

ISO 17034 covers the production of all reference materials, including certified reference materials.

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