2023 Conformity Assessment Case Study

What is the ANAB Conformity Assessment Case Study?

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To celebrate and support World Standards Day, 14 October, ANAB hosts a Conformity Assessment Case Study to serve as a benchmark of conformity assessment knowledge and skill. The 2023 Conformity Assessment Case Study: Conformity Assessment in Your Backyard was the first annual case study hosted by ANAB.

The case study materials are now available as a free, online self-assessment that allows users to gauge their understanding of conformity assessment fundamentals and their ability to apply them. These fundamental principles have been articulated in ISO/IEC 17000 since 2005 and are equally applicable to all conformity assessments.

This self-assessment provides each user with feedback on their understanding of the fundamental principles, as well as areas where they may be able to improve. Conformity assessment bodies can benefit by benchmarking the knowledge and skill of staff with responsibilities for compliance with international standards.

This self-assessment is for anyone and everyone interested in conformity assessment, such as:

  • Top management of a conformity assessment body
  • Sales, marketing, and business development staff looking to expand the value their organization delivers
  • Staff responsible for their organization’s successful completion of conformity assessment, including accreditation
  • Staff performing conformity assessment activities
  • Consultants advising clients on the choice of conformity assessment or how best to create it or complete it

Looking for More Information on Conformity Assessment?

Conformity assessment opportunities and challenges come from all directions and at an ever-increasing pace.  Benchmarking knowledge and skill on basic concepts shows the degree of readiness to deal with conformity assessment in any situation.  Where training is needed for improvement, or to turn a specialist into a more valuable generalist, ANAB has the training products to meet the needs.

We hope you find the Conformity Assessment Case Study useful, informative, and interesting.  And for those who want the benefit of ANAB training, please visit ANAB’s web site for the 4-3-3 Conformity Assessment ParadigmTM training and the free ANAB webinar: Conformity Assessment – Basic Principles are the Key.

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Keith Mowry

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