ANAB Appeal Processing

This page describes the ANAB appeal process. If you are seeking information on how to challenge a nonconformity, click here.

An appeal is a request by an applicant or accredited entity for reconsideration of any adverse accreditation decision related to its desired accreditation status. These decisions include  granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending, and withdrawing accreditation.

You can submit an appeal using ANAB’s appeal form. ANAB must receive the appeal within 30 calendar days of notification of the accreditation decision that is the subject of the appeal.

Upon receipt of an appeal, ANAB reviews the information submitted to determine if it meets the definition of appeal (above) and includes the necessary information to proceed with an investigation. If these requirements are met, the appeal is considered validated and an appeal subgroup of the ANAB Accreditation Panel is established to investigate the matter. The appealed accreditation decision shall remain effective pending the conclusion of the appeal process.

All appeals are scheduled for a hearing unless the appellant waives the hearing. Appeal hearings are held remotely and are conducted in English. The appellant is responsible for supplying at its cost any translation services required to address the appeal.

The appellant shall notify ANAB at least 10 calendar days in advance if the appellant intends to have legal counsel present at the hearing. This is to ensure ANAB has sufficient advance notice so that ANAB can also have legal counsel present.

Following the investigation and/or hearing by the Appeal Subgroup, the Appeal Subgroup deliberates privately to reach a majority decision. If the panel upholds the appeal, the accreditation decision will be remanded to the accreditation decision-maker for further consideration. If the panel does not uphold the appeal, finding the appeal without merit, the accreditation decision stands.

An appeal can be withdrawn at any time until an appeal decision is issued. When an appeal is not upheld or is withdrawn, ANAB will not accept a future appeal on the same accreditation decision.

ANAB communicates with the appellant to acknowledge receipt of the appeal and communicates in writing the decision on the appeal.

The appeal process is subject to ANAB’s Impartiality Policy. ANAB will ensure that the appeal investigation and decision does not result in any discriminatory action.

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