Management Systems Accreditation Committee

The ANAB Management Systems Accreditation Committee grants, suspends, and withdraws accreditation of certification bodies; prepares ANAB management systems program procedures and criteria; reviews and approves ANAB operating procedures that guide day-to-day operations; and provides technical resources to ANAB administrative staff.

Management Systems Accreditation Committee Members

  • Rena Bass, ANAB Accreditation Assessor
  • Reg Blake, BSI, Inc.
  • Wynn Bowman, Star Associates International (chair)
  • William Bozzo, Dekra Insight
  • Joe Cascio, George Washington University
  • Pamela Cremeens, Cremeens Management Group Inc. (vice chair)
  • Lori Gillespie, (ex officio)
  • Steve Holladay, ANAB Accreditation Assessor
  • Pete Kucan
  • Tim Lee, The Boeing Company
  • Bryan Milne, Gulfstream
  • Mark Overland, Cargill Incorporated
  • John (Jay) Pendergrass, Environmental Law Institute
  • Jamie Phillips
  • Thomas Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison