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ISO 28000: Supply Chain Security Management Systems

What is ISO 28000 Accreditation?

ANAB Accreditation for ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management Systems Certification is designed for accrediting organizations that want to provide globally recognized certification for securing their supply chain.

With the rising number of globally sophisticated security breaches and cybersecurity attacks, achieving ANAB accreditation for any of the Supply Chain Security Management Systems will not only provide the CB and its certified customers with the international recognition, but combined with known ANAB integrity as an accreditor will provide a competitive advantage to supply chain security certifications across markets globally.

ANAB accredited certificates will provide certified organizations with the ability to demonstrate verified commitment to ensure that, their organization and compliance framework as well as their supply chain is secure and protected.

ANAB’s proactive participation in the development of the requirements for TIA QuEST Forum’s Cyber and Supply Chain Security (SCS 9001) scheme, combined with over 20 years of participation alongside TIA QuEST Forum personnel in standards development (e.g., TL 9000), provides ANAB accredited Certification Bodies and their certified customers with the international recognition and access to firsthand knowledge of the ICT industry requirements as well as the ability to provide input into the revision or the development of the requirement that have direct impact on their day-to-day operations.

ISO 28000 establishes a security system that will protect people, goods, infrastructure, equipment, and transportation against security incidents and other potentially devastating situations. It specifies the requirements to establish, implement, maintain, improve, and audit a security management system.

ISO 28000 is a base standard program in ANAB’s fee schedule.

Please refer to the information about the accreditation process at How to Become an ANAB-Accredited Certification Body.

You can view the ISO 28000 application in .pdf format to understand specific requirements but the application process must be completed online via ANAB’s EQM database; first-time EQM users must register to create an account.

ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Accreditation Requirements

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ISO 28000 specifies requirements for a security management system, including aspects relevant to the supply chain.

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