Forensic Accreditation Notifications

These notifications relate to the ANAB forensics program, including the implementation of new requirements. Notifications are sent via email to the CAB’s point(s) of contact, assessors and interested parties. If you are not receiving notifications and would like to, please contact to be added to the distribution list.

Notification of Change to MA 3033 and Reminder of Symbol Deadline (2024/03/12)

Notificación de Cambio al MA 3033 y Recordatorio de la Fecha Lí­mite del Símbolo (2024/03/12)

Notification of Additional ANAB Accredited Disciplines: Rapid DNA and Toxicology – Breath Alcohol Verification (2023/11/14)

Notification of Changes to Minimum Requirements for Assessment Activities (2023/09/11)

Notification of Retiring Documents and Update to ABFT Checklist  (2023/07/11)

Notification of Changes to AR 3120 (2023/02/01)

Notification of Changes to AR 3125 (2023/02/01)

New Property and Evidence Program, Changes to MA 3033, New Address (2023/01/18)

Changes to the Nonconformity Challenge Process and Claims of Accreditation (2022/08/15)

Forensic Staff Changes, COVID-19 Response, Upcoming Deadlines (2021/10/21)

Challenge vs Appeal, Accreditation Committees and Panel, Remote Assessments, Terms and Conditions, QAS Version Change on Scope (2021/01/05)

Update Regarding ANAB Forensic Assessment Activities, Documents and Metrological Traceability (2020/09/22)

Notification Regarding Changes to Forensic Accreditation Programs – MA 3033 Updated, AR 3120 Revised, Application and Draft Scope of Accreditation Updated (2020/06/15)

Stakeholder Branding Announcement (2019/11/04)

Important Update About ANAB (2018/12/04)