Sustainable Forestry

At the request of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Board of Directors, ANAB administers an accreditation service for certification bodies operating under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain of Custody (SFI CoC) and/or the PEFC Chain of Custody (PEFC CoC) programs. These initiatives positively impact a range of forest-based products and their movement from the forest to the end user.

EPA WaterSense

WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that seeks to protect the future of the U.S. water supply by promoting water efficiency and enhancing the market for water-efficient products, programs, and practices.

To ensure the WaterSense program’s integrity and sustainability and to ensure consumer confidence in the products that bear the WaterSense label, ANAB has been recognized as an accreditor of the WaterSense Program. Through partnerships with irrigation professionals and irrigation certification programs and manufacturers, retailers and distributors, and utilities, the program is designed to promote water-efficient landscape irrigation practices and to bring WaterSense products to the marketplace and make it easy to purchase high-performing, water-efficient products.

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Erica Hinton

Manager of Accreditation, Product Certification


Erica Hinton

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