April 14, 2020

ANAB Awarded Contract for LA Environmental Lab Accreditation Program

ANAB Awarded Contract for LA Environmental Lab Accreditation Program

The Department of Environmental Quality of the State of Louisiana has awarded a three-year contract to ANAB to provide laboratory assessments for the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP).

The LELAP is designed to ensure that accredited methods are used in the generation of environmental data and that quality data is provided by commercial laboratories to their clients when said data (chemical analyses, analytical results, or other test data) are required to be submitted to or maintained by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

“We look forward to working with Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality to ensure that laboratories are using appropriate methods to provide accurate, precise, and reliable data to their clients,” said Doug Leonard, ANAB vice president of product, inspection, laboratory, and related activities. “ANAB has the experience and sound, internationally recognized processes in place to support the Department’s need for professional assistance in serving laboratories seeking or maintaining accreditation from Louisiana.”

The LELAP has three major components: accreditation, auditing, and proficiency testing. Under the contract, ANAB will be required to perform assessments and assessment-related tasks associated with commercial, federal, state, local government, or any other laboratories requiring accreditation by the Department.

ANAB is one of the few providers that can offer accreditation services for ISO/IEC 17025,  the Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DoD ELAP), and the TIN Standard for for field sampling and measurement organizations (FSMOs) in conjunction with a LELAP assessment.

For more information about ANAB LELAP accreditation, email Pat Douglass or call 414-501-5335.


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