April 25, 2019

ANAB Extends MOU With VCCI to Accredit EMC Testing Labs

ANAB Extends MOU With VCCI to Accredit EMC Testing Labs

ANAB has extended its memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the General Incorporated Foundation VCCI Council (VCCI) for cooperation relating to accreditation and registration of electromagnetic environment testing laboratories.

Under the MOU, ANAB provides accreditation of electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratories based on VCCI technical requirements. ANAB also provides information to VCCI concerning VCCI-member measuring facilities of such laboratories accredited by ANAB.

VCCI was formed as a voluntary organization in 1985 by four Japanese industry associations and changed to a juridical corporate body in April 2009. VCCI recommends voluntary technical control for electromagnetic emissions from information technology equipment, such as computers, telecommunication products, and electronic office products.

The ANAB-VCCI MOU remains in force for two year, after which it may be renewed for subsequent two-year periods upon mutual agreement by ANAB and VCCI.

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