Personnel Credentialing

    ANAB accredits two types of personnel credentialing programs:

    Certification Program

    Accreditation under this program is based upon ISO/IEC 17024 (Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons) or the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Accreditation Standard for food protection managers.

    Certificate Program

    Accreditation under this program is based on ANSI/ASTM E2659-18, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.

    In both instances, ANAB’s accreditation process adheres to ISO/IEC 17011, the international standard defining quality third-party accreditation practices.

    Certification and certificate are distinct terms. A certificate reflects completion of a training and/or education program and accomplishment of intended learning outcomes. Certificates are issued for life or for a specific time period, and cannot be revoked, which means they do not require ongoing maintenance or renewal. A certification reflects attainment of established criteria for proficiency or competency in a profession or occupation, and is granted upon an assessment of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Certification is valid for a specific time period. A certification program has ongoing requirements for maintaining proficiency or competency, and can be revoked if ongoing requirements are not met.

    Food Handling

    In the food-handling arena, ANAB accredits two types of credentialing bodies:

    ANAB-CFP Accreditation Program

    This is a certification accreditation program for food protection managers based on the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) standard.

    Food Handler Certificates

    ANAB accredits organizations providing food-handler training courses and certificates.

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