Please note: If you are an individual seeking an accredited food protection manager certification ANAB does not issue certifications.

    View a list of accredited organizations that issue food protection manager certifications

    Accredited Certification Bodies

    These certificate issuers have met the requirements of and are currently accredited under the CFP standard.


    These certificate issuers have submitted the formal application for accreditation under the CFP standard and are currently in the accreditation process.

    Preliminary Applicants

    These certificate issuers have met the preliminary requirements for accreditation under the CFP standard and have paid the application fee.

    Scope Extensions

    These accredited certificate issuers have submitted a formal application requesting ANAB to accredit additional scopes under the CFP standard.

    Voluntary Withdrawals

    These certificate issuers have voluntarily requested to withdraw their ANAB accreditation.

    Current Suspensions

    These certificate issuers have scopes that have been temporarily invalidated for not meeting the requirements of the CFP standard.

    Past Suspensions

    These certification bodies have, in the past, had the identified scope(s) of accreditation suspended, and later reinstated, or voluntarily withdrawn the scope(s) to end the suspension. To see if the certification body is currently accredited, and for which scope(s), please see the "accredited certification bodies" part of this directory, above.


    Accreditation of these certificate issuers has been withdrawn by ANAB.

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