Step 1

    Become familiar with ANAB Personnel Certification Policies and Procedures by visiting the Personnel Certification Documents and Resources section of this website. Purchase and study the standard ISO/IEC 17024.

    Step 2

    Attend a Personnel Certification Accreditation Workshop to understand the requirements of the standard and to identify documents that are required to meet the standard.

    Note: Participation in a workshop and purchasing ISO/IEC 17024 are not mandatory requirements for ANAB accreditation.

    Step 3

    Recommended: Request ANAB to conduct an Informational Visit (pre-assessment). This is normally performed by one assessor within one day and helps organization determine its compliance with the requirements through this "live test" before a more expensive full initial assessment is conducted. Information visit is billed at $1,250 per assessor per day plus expenses.

    Note: An information visit is not a mandatory requirement for ANAB accreditation.

    Step 4

    Fill out preliminary application form PCAC-FR-503.

    Step 5

    Upon receipt of the eligibility letter, pay the application fee and complete and submit PCAC-FR-504 in three copies with the supporting documents to ANAB. Please refer to all the guidance documents available online. PCAC-FR-504 will be sent to you upon preliminary eligibility approval.

    Step 6

    Submit additional documents that are requested by the assessment team.

    Step 7

    Prepare and participate in ANAB onsite assessment.

    Step 8

    Provide necessary documents to close any nonconformity identified during the assessment process.

    Step 9

    Upon successful closure of all nonconformities, the certification body will be awarded accreditation under ISO/IEC/17024.

    Step 10

    Ensure compliance with ANSI standards!

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