ANAB’s program for inspection body accreditation extends to accreditation of Special Inspection Agencies, with specifics targeted to New York City. Section 101-06 of the NY Building Code mandates that agencies conducting special inspections in New York City shall be accredited for the intended scope of inspection by an approved accreditation body. ANAB is recognized by the New York City Department of Building as an accreditation body for special inspection agencies.

Special Inspection Agencies conduct inspections throughout the construction process to confirm that work is being done in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. More information is available online.

The program is based on ISO/IEC 17020, ILAC P15, and requirements of the International Building Code. Class 1 Special Inspection Agencies must be accredited to ASTM E329.

Program Documents (including FA 2007, MA 2100, SR 2411, and other documents)

Request a quote or for more information, contact ANAB at or 414-501-5494.

Recognition of accredited inspection agencies and/or inspection results is at the discretion of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.