It's important to make an informed choice when selecting a management systems certification body (CB), as is true with most major purchases. Investigate, ask for and check references, and request the resumes of the audit team proposed by the CB. You are the customer and the CB provides a service to you. Make sure you get what you pay for, but do not let price alone be the deciding factor. Look for added value.

Things to consider when selecting a CB:

  • Accreditation by a reputable body
  • Industry experience, background, and expertise
  • For ISO 9001 and other standards using scoping, approval to work in the appropriate scope category
  • Recommendations from your clients or customers
  • References provided by the CB
  • Scheduling issues and ability to meet your time frame
  • All aspects of the CB fee schedule
  • Your comfort level in establishing a long term relationship with a CB

For a complete list of ANAB-accredited CBs, see the CB Database.