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    August 3, 2023

    ANAB Announces Renewal of Recognition under FDA Certification Program

    ANAB is pleased to announce renewal of its recognition under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) voluntary Accredited Third-Party Certification Program (TPP) for another 5 years. The renewal of recognition came after ANAB was evaluated by FDA and successfully demonstrated conformance with all FDA requirements, including technical competence for each scope for which ANAB…

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  • November 16, 2022

    R. Douglas Leonard Jr. Appointed to Lead ANAB as Executive Director

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    October 3, 2022

    ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Accredits Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) to Certify in Accordance with Journalism Trust Initiative – Certification Programme

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  • | April 8, 2022

    ANAB Expands IAAC MLA Status in Three Areas, Maintains Existing Recognitions in IAAC and APAC

    ANAB extends and maintains MLA recognitions related to IAAC and APAC.

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  • | April 8, 2022

    ANAB’S ISO/IEC 17024 Accreditation Program Recognized Under the Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) MLA Arrangement

    ANAB’S 17024 Accreditation Program Recognized Under IAAC MLA

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  • | March 13, 2022

    Rob Dye Receives ANAB’s Fifth Annual Burgess Assessor Award

    Rob Dye receives ANAB Burgess Assessor Award. The ANAB Burgess Assessor Award recognizes outstanding service by an ANAB contract assessor.

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  • | March 10, 2022

    Potential Impact of Ukraine-Russia Conflict on ANAB Accredited Services and Programs

    ANAB response to the conflict in Ukraine

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  • | February 8, 2022

    Supporting Commercial Cleaning Professionals, ANAB Accredits CloroxPro™ HealthyClean™ Certificate Program Trained Specialist Course

    ANAB accredits CloroxPro HealthyClean Trained Specialist Certificate Course according to ANSI/ASTM E2659-18, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.

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