ANSI National Accreditation Board is excited to announce an accreditation program designed to provide confidence in the management and operation of property and evidence control units.

Confidence in your organization’s ability to maintain the integrity of property and evidence items is crucial to the successful administration of justice and to maintain public trust. This new program provides your organization with a roadmap for reducing risk and ensuring greater accountability, and a benchmark to measure competency.
ANAB has created program requirements that must be met in order to achieve accreditation. We tell you “what” is required, but you have the flexibility to determine “how” to meet the accreditation requirements based on your organizational structure. Conformance to the requirements and technical competence of your personnel will be evaluated by sector experts based on several critical areas including impartiality, confidentiality, personnel training and monitoring, control of records, internal audits, handling of nonconformities and management review.
Our program will provide straightforward, sector-specific requirements that are designed to meet the needs and expectations of criminal justice system stakeholders. Whether property and evidence items are entrusted to your care for short-term or long-term, whether they are destined for the forensic laboratory, the courtroom, return to the owner, permanent retention or eventual destruction, ANAB accreditation will ensure that appropriate processes are in place, that personnel are competent to effectively implement those processes and that appropriate actions are taken when nonconforming work is identified.
ANAB is committed to a customer focused, value-added approach that results in a more efficient, effective operation for our users. To that end we invite interested individuals to make comments on our proposed requirements prior to publication and eventual implementation. To see the proposed requirements and make comments, please see Property and Evidence Documents