ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and Statements of Conformance

This webinar will provide some history on how risks have been mitigated when making these statements, explain some of the common decision rules used in industry, introduce language to explain these to customers, and detail one of the oldest in use today.

Statements of Conformance have been an important part of calibrations throughout the years.  A statement of conformance is an expression that describes the conformance or non-conformance of an item to a specification or standard.  Examples of statements of conformity are pass or fail, in tolerance or out of tolerance, or in spec or out of spec.  The laboratory determines conformity, or non-conformity, through testing or calibration measurements and reports the statement of conformity on the test report or calibration certificate.


Randy Long, Senior Manager of Accreditation, Calibration

Randy is a Senior Manager of Accreditation for Calibration Laboratories and EMC Testing Laboratories and Inspection Bodies at ANAB.   He is a qualified peer evaluator for ISO/IEC 17011 for APAC and IAAC and has participated in the development of APAC and IAAC Guidance documents and current member of APAC Calibration working group.

Randy is involved in Standards Development Organizations including committees in ASME, ASTM, C63, NCSL and SAE as well as being a member of ASME, ASTM and IEEE societies.