Management Systems Transitions and Migrations

Table below lists all current transitions in the MSVV SBU:

StandardEnd date for transitionANAB DocumentAdditional Comments
AS9104/1:2022June 30, 2023Heads Up 499None
ATFS 2021December 31, 2023Heads Up 489None
ISO/IEC 27001:2022October 31, 2023Heads Up 508None
e-Stewards® V4.1April 22, 2023Heads Up 496None
R2 V3June 30, 2023Heads Up 476None
SFI 2022December 31, 2023Heads Up 489None
FSSC 22000V6May 31, 2025Heads Up 513See HU 512
ISO/IEC 22003-1June 30, 2025Heads Up 512See HU 513