Personnel Certification Accreditation – Informational Visit

Potential applicants for ANAB accreditation for personnel certification under ISO/IEC 17024 normally have a multitude of questions regarding the requirements and the ANAB assessment process and are eager to better understand where they stand in terms of meeting requirements. ANAB staff is always ready to address these questions by telephone, email, meetings or through educational courses on ISO/IEC 17024.

For future applicants who determine that their organization would benefit from a more in-depth look and more extensive information, we have introduced a concept of informational visit by ANAB to a personnel certification body.

At any time prior to submitting a formal application for ANAB accreditation, the CB may request an informational visit. The sole purpose of an informational visit is to answer CB questions regarding the accreditation process and the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024. Informational visits cannot exceed one day. It is important to note that an informational visit does not provide any pre-accreditation status and provides no indication whatsoever as to whether or not accreditation may be granted.

Fees charged for an informational visit are consistent with the daily assessor rate of $1,250 plus expenses and assessor travel time based on the formula (T-2)/2.

For more information, please contact:

Katherine Krehbiel
Senior Manager of Accreditation, Credentialing