The Importance of Continued Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Benefits of continued learning to individuals
  • Benefits of continued learning to organizations
  • Challenges of remote learning
  • How to make remote learning work for you
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic will reshape the learning industry

Investing in continued learning is essential for individual and organizational survival.

No organization can remain competitive without investing in training of their staff to the latest developments within their industry. No individual can expect to remain a valued employee without having up-to-date knowledge in their field. Knowledge not only provides the individual with the ability to perform well, it also can provide self-esteem and self-worth beneficial for mental health, especially during this time of uncertainty.

Continued learning is more challenging when face-to-face interactions are limited or impossible, but never has there been a better time to invest in learning to prepare to hit the road running when this terrible time comes to an end. Knowledge is power, even though it may take a few months before we can fully unleash it.


Natalia Larrimer, ANAB Senior Manager, Training Business

Larrimer manages ANAB’s training business. Her 16-year career in the conformity assessment industry includes positions in business development and management of accreditation services and within the Canadian and U.S. regulatory frameworks. Prior to joining ANAB in 2014, Larrimer spent more than 10 years working with the Standards Council of Canada. Her portfolio includes work with industry groups and standards-developing committees as well as delivery of educational sessions on sector-specific programs, accreditation, and international accreditation frameworks.