Course Description

How close are you, your department or even your organization to meeting the desired operational performance? Does anyone truly know if the set goals and objectives will be achieved?  Do you or anyone within the organization know what processes are working or which ones are in need of evaluation and possible adjustment and why?

If you want answers to these questions, then the self-paced, web based Conducting a Gap Analysis course is for you.

A gap analysis is a process used by organizations to identify and compare the differences between current state and the desired state. It is a quality improvement tool to assist organizations in meeting their goals and objectives, to improve performance, processes, and products, to identify risks and opportunities or to ensure requirements are met. In the accreditation industry, a gap analysis is most commonly used to benchmark an existing management system against the requirements of the desired standard for accreditation.

This course will provide information regarding the purpose and benefits of conducting a gap analysis as well as the different types of gap analyses and how and when each should be used.

Additionally, the typical challenges faced when conducting a gap analysis will be explored, along with tips for addressing these challenges. Lastly using examples, participants will acquire some skills and learn a few gap analyses tools and frameworks in order to develop an approach for conducting a gap analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the purpose, benefits and challenges of conducting a gap analysis
  • Discover the different types of gap analyses and how each is used 
  • Understand the steps and process for conducting a gap analysis
  • Develop techniques for effective interviewing and listening
  • Acquire knowledge and skills regarding the various tools or frameworks for conducting a gap analysis 

Who Should Attend

Decision-makers, quality professionals, management and process improvement personnel, strategic planning personnel. Personnel at any level interested in learning the purposes and process of gap analysis will benefit from taking this course.

Self-paced Training

This training is presented as self-paced, web-based seminar through an online platform, Mindflash. Access information will be provided after we receive the registration payment.

After your payment for the training is processed, you will receive an email message asking for your preferred start date and we will send you access to the training for five calendar days.  Once you begin the training, you will be able to open and close the session as often as you like within those five calendar days.  The training takes approximately four hours to complete.  An attendance certificate will be emailed upon completion.

Cost: $150 per person