The 4-3-3 Conformity Assessment Paradigm


Conformity Assessment can be confusing.  This Course presents a clear picture and roadmap for how your organization can achieve its conformity assessment goals, including understanding conformity assessment in any situation, creating new conformity assessment solutions, and effectively communicating about conformity assessment.

There are universal concepts of conformity assessment: what ANAB calls the 4-3-3 Conformity Assessment Paradigm (TM). With it you can navigate the entire field of conformity assessment, quickly understand new conformity assessment situations and opportunities, explain conformity assessment activities and solutions, and catch the nuances of ISO/IEC 17000 series standards.

All personnel who need to understand conformity assessment.  This includes
– executive management who need a general understanding without the details of every service or situation; 
– top management of a conformity assessment body; 
– staff performing conformity assessment activities, so they understand their role in the bigger picture; 
– sales, marketing and business development staff looking to expand the value the organization delivers;
– anyone involved with standards or regulation development who wants to understand the role those requirements play in conformity assessment.

All personnel who need to analyze, and communicate about, conformity assessment.  This includes 
– any person or group charged with creating a conformity assessment solution or choosing a solution from existing options; 
– staff responsible for their organization’s successful completion of conformity assessment including accreditation; 
– persons or organizations who face demands or expectations, or have responsibility,  to rely on conformity assessment for their organizations’ assurance or risk management needs; 
– competitive intelligence professionals dealing with conformity assessment services;
– trade associations who need to understand conformity assessment and report to their members; 
– consultants advising clients on the choice of conformity assessment or how best to create it or complete it; 
– advocacy organizations who seek the most effective standards and conformity assessment solutions to societal problems at the heart of their mission; 
– anyone involved with technical barriers to trade issues 

In other words, anyone who needs to know more about conformity assessment than just how to use the words correctly!

Self-paced Training

This training is presented as self-paced, web-based seminar through an online platform, Mindflash. Access information will be provided after we receive the registration payment.

After your payment for the training is processed, you will receive an email message asking for your preferred start date and we will send you access to the training for fourteen calendar days.  Once you begin the training, you will be able to open and close the session as often as you like within those  days.  The training takes approximately four hours to complete.  An attendance certificate will be emailed upon completion.

Cost: $199 per person

  • Understand a paradigm for Conformity Assessment and how it applies in any situation.
  • Apply the paradigm to existing conformity assessment to fast track understanding it and comparing it to other options or situations.
  • The ability to explain conformity assessment to your team, or any audience, and how to implement it .
  • Understand the logical rules for analysis and design of occurrences of conformity assessment to eliminate errors and problems from the start.