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AS9100: Certification of Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

What Is Accreditation for AS9100 Aviation, SPace, and Defense QMS?

The AS9100 standard is the ICOP Scheme requirements for organizations at any level in the ASD global supply chain that designs, develops, manufactures, and supports product and services. Its use should result in improved quality, schedule and cost performance by the reduction or elimination of organization-unique requirements and wider application of good practice by aerospace suppliers. While primarily developed for the aviation, space and defense industry, this standard can also be used in other industry sectors where a quality management system with additional requirements over an ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) is desired.

The standard complements and is additive to the ISO 9001 QMS structure and framework without changing it. ANAB accredited CBs issued more certifications to this standard than any other Accreditation Body. The ANAB AQMS Accreditation application for AS9100 can be gateway to the other ASD Standards or approved as a complete suite of standards (AS9110 and AS9120).

ANAB Assessors are industry professionals that have directly worked with the standard and are very familiar with its implementation. ANAB works directly with the IAQG Certification Oversight Team (ICOT) to assure that we can provided accurate implementation, understanding and support to certification bodies and their clients.

AS9100 AQMS Accreditation information

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The AS9100 Standard includes:

• Complete text of ISO 9001 QMS
• Regulatory requirements for ASD Production Approval Holders (PAH)
• Requirements for ASD Defense organizations
• Requirements for ASD Space Organizations
• Enhanced Design requirements for complex systems
• Enhanced Controls for External Providers
• Advanced requirements for Production Operations

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