Accreditation for Preparedness and PS-Prep


ASIS SPC.1: Organizational Resilience: Security, Preparedness, and Continuity Management Systems

What Is Accreditation for ASIS SPC.1 Organizational Resilience?

Under an agreement with the US Department of Homeland Security, ANAB has developed a program to oversee the certification process, manage accreditation, and accredit qualified third parties to carry out certifications of private sector entities for disaster preparedness, emergency management, and business continuity. CBs can be accredited for any or all of the designated PS-Prep standards: ISO 22301, ASIS SPC.1, and NFPA 1600.

Additional PS-Prep Information

CBs accredited for one of ANAB’s business continuity management systems programs (e.g., ISO 22301) may be recognized by ANAB to use the US Department of Homeland Security PS-Prep Mark. Currently, National Quality Assurance – USA, is recognized to use the PS-Prep Mark.

You can find more information about private sector preparedness at the PS-Prep site.

You can listen to a free educational webinar on Career Options and the PS-Prep Program sponsored by two non-profit organizations. (Note: Registration is required to access audio).

ASIS SPC.1 Management Systems Accreditation information

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ASIS SPC.1 covers a comprehensive management systems approach for security, preparedness, response, mitigation, business/operational continuity, and recovery for disruptive incidents resulting in an emergency, crisis, or disaster.

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