Drafting a scope of accreditation can be challenging for organizations seeking ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. ANAB asks applicants for accreditation to provide a draft scope of accreditation to the best of their ability with as much detail as possible. This information is used to assist ANAB in providing an estimate for accreditation.

While an organization's scope of accreditation is issued as an ANAB document and published on the ANAB website, it is also understood to be a marketing document for the accredited organization. As such, the entries on the scope need to be well understood by potential customers and users of the accredited organization.

ANAB provides documents to help with the process of drafting a scope of accreditation for testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, and dimensional measurement laboratories. These documents also clarify ILAC guidance documents and ANAB requirements, while helping standardize formats across the range of potential ISO/IEC 17025 accredited operations. (Contact ANAB for the scope templates referred to on the linked page.)