Course Description

Attend this two-day introductory training course to aid in the general preparation for ISO/IEC 17020 as it pertains to forensics. Learn about quality, concepts, ISO and the world of accreditation. This course will review the ISO/IEC 17020 standard requirements and ANAB forensic accreditation requirements (AR 3055). Attendees will also benefit from an overview of auditing principles and ISO 17020 procedures.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the ISO/IEC 17020 requirements as they relate to forensic agencies
  • Examine the origin of the standard, the benefits of accreditation, and the role of an accreditation body.
  • Review auditing principles
  • Benefit from exercises and group discussion

Who Should Attend

Forensic professionals who deal with the ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

Public Course Schedule

Private On-site Training

The ISO/IEC 17020 and Audit Preparation for Forensic Service Providers training course is available as an on-site course. Private on-site courses are a great option for organizations that have several staff members that need the training. Contact ANAB at or 414-501-5445 for more information.