Course Description

Method validation plays an integral role in planning for quality results in any testing laboratory. In the absence of industry standard methods for cannabis testing, robust and rigorous method validation is critical to ensure the test methods are fit for the intended use. Robust method validation provides confidence that the methods employed by the lab are fit for the intended purpose and produce quality, reliable, and consistent analytical results.

This course focuses on method development and the importance of the method validation process, including determining a method’s fitness for use, common quality control activities, and the importance of the validation package, as well as validation characteristics that are part of the validation process. Analytical characteristics, such as method accuracy, precision, range, and detection limits are explained, along with examples. The requirements for method validation from  ISO/IEC 17025 will also be reviewed. Exercises and quizzes throughout the course will test comprehension of the topics covered in each section.


Note: Specific regulations will not be addressed in this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of method validation
  • Review of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements for method validation
  • Learn a method validation process, including the extent of validation, validation characteristics, and quality control aspects

Self-paced Training (Web-based)

This training is presented as self-paced through the online platform Mindflash. Access information will be provided after we receive the registration payment.

The training will take approximately four hours to complete; however participants can move through the module at their own pace. After payment for the training is processed, the participant will be asked for their preferred start date. Access to the training will be granted for five calendar days; during this time, the participant will be able to open and close the session as often as needed.

Cost: $175 per person