Overview of ANSI/ASTM E2659-18 (Self-paced)


This introductory self-paced, web-based course provides an overview of ANSI/ASTM E2659-18, detailing each clause. Quizzes throughout the training help measure comprehension.

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This course provides an introduction to statistical concepts and techniques used for the collection, organization, analysis, and presentation of various types of data. The course touches on both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, including how to compute measures of central tendency and dispersion, and how to assess the relationship between two variables.

Additional topics include graphical representation of data, least squares regression and correlation, calculating probabilities and evaluating probability and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and statistical inference, and drawing conclusions about the underlying population. Practical application of these statistical concepts and techniques to various requirements in ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 will be demonstrated.

  • Acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to select and apply the appropriate statistical techniques as they apply to the requirements in ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17020
  • Understand numerical and categorical types of data
  • Understand the concepts of population, samples, sampling methods, and bias type and direction
  • Understand and be able to calculate measures of central tendency and of dispersion
  • Understand probability distributions and sample data distributions
  • Understand and be able to calculate confidence intervals
  • Understand and be able to perform hypothesis testing
  • Be able to graphically represent and interpret data
  • Be able to use linear regression to create a least-squares line and to calculate the correlation between two numerical variables in a data set

This training course is available as a private session. Private sessions are a great option for organizations that have several staff members that need the training.

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