Course Description

Activities typically covered by accreditation include testing; calibration; inspection; certification of management systems, persons, products, processes, and services; provision of proficiency testing; production of reference materials; and validation and verification.

ISO/IEC 17011 specifies base requirements for operations of accrediting bodies. 

Requirements contained in ISO/IEC 17011 are used to support peer evaluation mechanisms created at regional and international levels and through which confidence is provided that accreditation bodies around the world operate to the same standards.

ANAB’s ISO/IEC 17011 training is designed to help participants gain knowledge of the requirements for accreditation bodies and an understanding of the restraints imposed for activities such as accreditation oversight, complaint handling, and information release.

During the three-day workshop, participants will cover all the clauses of ISO/IEC 17011 and obtain a practical understanding of the material through group activities.

The course will also provide an overview of ISO/CASCO and the relevant international cooperations.

The lead instructors for the course are intimately familiar with the requirements through their decade-long experience with ANAB, participation in the revision of the 2017 version of the standard, and leadership position in regional and international accreditation cooperations.

CEU Credits: 2.4

Who Should Attend

Those involved with the standard and who want to understand how accreditation body operates should attend this course. This could include top-level managers who require a fundamental understanding as well as junior staff who need an overview of the standard. Individuals new to a company can also gain perspective in this course.

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