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  • Expert analyzing crime scene for forensics analysis in a lab.

    Understanding the Requirements and Concepts of ANAB AR 3181 – Property and Evidence Management


    This introductory course is designed specifically for those individuals or organizations who want to understand the AR 3181 accreditation requirements and how those requirements apply to property and evidence management. The course will review the AR 3181 requirements with a focus on how to read, interpret, and apply the requirements to their management system.  Participants will learn about the benefits of accreditation, gain an understanding of the ANAB AR 3181 accreditation requirements, how to interpret and be able to practice applying some of the requirements through discussion and exercises.

    This course is offered as both a public course and as private training. It is a two-day course.

  • inspectors performing conformity assessment at a factory

    The 4-3-3 Conformity Assessment Paradigm


    Conformity Assessment can be confusing. This Course presents a clear picture and roadmap for how your organization can achieve its conformity assessment goals, including understanding conformity assessment in any situation, creating new conformity assessment solutions, and effectively communicating about conformity assessment.

  • Measurement Traceability


    During this course, the requirements of TNI standard EL-V1M2-2016-Rev 2.1, section 5.6 will be reviewed, as well as the components of the traceability chain such as certificates of analysis and laboratory records, will be identified and discussed.

  • woman in food processing plant

    Overview of ISO 17011


    Activities typically covered by accreditation include testing; calibration; inspection; certification of management systems, persons, products, processes, and services; provision of proficiency testing; production of reference materials; and validation and verification….

  • fingerprint showing forensics concept

    Corrective Action Process and Cause Analysis – All Disciplines


    This course introduces the corrective action process from ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 participants will learn the four most common cause analysis techniques: Ishikawa diagrams, five whys, FMEA, and Pareto charts.

  • worker inspecting factory equipment undergoing conformity assessment protocol

    Introduction to ISO/IEC 17020 (Web-based)


    This course will provide attendees with an overview of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012. Attendees will learn practical concepts such as levels of independence, technical judgement, and the inspection process. Attendees will develop an understanding of the technical systems and issues of inspection bodies and also learn the benefits of accreditation and the role of accreditation bodies.

  • Employees taking an ANAB class together

    Introducción a La Norma ISO 17020


    El curso de ANAB sobre la norma ISO/IEC 17020:2012 es un curso de capacitación en línea que se imparte a través de Trakstar Learn.