Greenhouse Gas Validation & Verification – How to Apply

ANAB assesses and accredits validation/verification bodies (VVBs) that demonstrate competence to validate or verify statements in accordance with ANAB’s accreditation requirements, including ISO 14065 (with ISO/IEC 17029) and relevant requirements of the GHG program/registry in which the VVB intends to participate.

Accreditation by ANAB, a recognized and respected accreditation body, ensures the impartiality and competence of the VVB and fosters confidence and acceptance of the VVB’s validated or verified opinions in public and private sectors.

Contact ANAB by completing the form below with any questions about the process or select request a quote if you would like to receive an estimate on the cost of ANAB accreditation for validation/verification.

Requirements for VVBs

The first step in becoming an ANAB-accredited validation / verification body is to become familiar with requirements and the accreditation process.  Participating in ANAB training is one way to familiarize yourself with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17029.

When a VVB is ready to apply, you can pay the application fee and complete the application, FA 5704: Application for Accreditation for GHG Validation/Verification Bodies and CL 5705 ISO/IEC 17029:2019 and ISO 14065:2020 Requirements Matrix

All information requested by ANAB, including the application forms and supporting conformity evidence, shall be submitted in English.

Initial Accreditation Process

The high-level initial accreditation process is illustrated below:

Once accreditation is achieved, the accreditation cycle is typically five years.  Maintaining accreditation includes at a minimum, an annual office and witness assessment/s with a complete reassessment required at the end of the accreditation cycle.  Depending on the scope of accreditation, oversight may increase to cover additional programs

Application Process

To be able to apply for accreditation, a VVB must provide ANAB evidence that it meets requirements outlined in ISO/IEC 17029, ISO 14065, and additional requirement documents. The VVB is required to provide the application fee via wire transfer, ACH (electronic transfer), credit card, or check.

After the VVB submits information to ANAB, staff reviews the information and provides the application with its supporting evidence of conformity to an assessor.  If the information is found acceptable, ANAB will work with the VVB to schedule initial assessments.  If the VVB’s information is not acceptable, the VVB may be given additional opportunities to re-submit the information.  To learn more about the accreditation process, please review MA 5701 Manual of Operations for Accreditation of Validation/Verification Bodies.

ANAB reserves the right to stop the application process at any time if ANAB feels the VVB will not be able to meet the requirements for accreditation.

Any reference by the applicant VVB to its status as an applicant for ANAB accreditation shall be in keeping with the terms and conditions outlined in ANAB’s Accreditation Agreement.

Optional Preliminary Visit

Before or during application for accreditation, a preliminary visit may be requested by the VVB or recommended by ANAB. ANAB and the VVB will determine the agenda for the visit. Contact ANAB using the form below for the cost and to arrange an optional preliminary visit.

For more information, please contact ANAB: