HallenbeckLLane Hallenbeck is the Executive Director of ANAB and oversees the direction and development of all accreditation and training programs. Previously, was ANSI's Vice President of Accreditation Services. He has served as Chair of ISO CASCO, President of the IAAR, and Vice President of ABS QE.


Gillespie Headshot Cropped (002)

Lori Gillespie is ANAB’s Vice President, Management Systems and Validation and Verification. She has been with ANAB since 1998 and previously served as ANAB’s Director of Accreditation, Management Systems.


Vijay Krishna is ANAB's Vice President, Credentialing Programs. He has served as an international consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and taught graduate-level courses at The George Washington University.



Doug Leonard is ANAB's Vice President, Product, Inspection, Laboratory, and RelatedLeonardD.jpeg
Activities. Previously, he was President of the Laboratory  Accreditation Bureau, which was acquired by ANAB in 2016.         



Roger MuseRoger Muse is ANAB’s Vice President, Business Development. He was Vice President of ACLASS prior to the acquisition by ANAB. He is responsible for business development, marketing, and the commercial training program.



Pam Sale

Pamela Sale
is ANAB’s Vice President, Forensics. She was Executive Director of the American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board prior to the merger of ASCLD/LAB with ANAB’s forensics program.