ANAB Recognition

Many ANAB accreditation programs are driven by national and international recognitions as well as industry and scheme recognitions. ANAB participates in international and regional arrangements for multilateral recognition aimed at facilitating global market opportunities by building worldwide reliability of conformity assessment activities, thus saving time and money for ANAB clients. Federal, state, and local authorities rely on ANAB accreditation to demonstrate value and assure competency for important public priorities. Many conformity assessment scheme owners rely on ANAB accreditation to foster consumer confidence.

International Recognition through IAF and ILAC multilateral recognition arrangements, demonstrating ISO/IEC 17011 compliance via peer assessments attesting to equal reliability worldwide.

National Recognition through U.S. Government entities and regulations to provide accreditation programs that improve industry practices and distinguish quality certification programs.

Recognition by U.S. States and Canada further improves practices in fields such as inspection, laboratories, testing, and personnel certification.  

Industry Recognition to improve industry practices related to proficiency testing, calibration, food safety, product assurance, and environmental performance.  

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