*Food Protection Manager: Person who has demonstrated by means of a food safety certification examination to a certifying organization that he/she has the knowledge, skills and abilities required to protect the public from food borne illness.

A preliminary application form (CFP-FR-803) must be submitted by interested certification bodies for approval prior to submitting the full application for the ANAB-CFP program accreditation under the Conference for Food Protection Accreditation Standards.

Personnel certification bodies must satisfy three basic eligibility requirements:

  • Certification program must have independent status
  • Certification program must be a legal entity or part of a legal entity
  • Certification program must have a defined scope for each certification

Additional eligibility requirements are listed in the preliminary application form.

To apply, please submit a completed preliminary application form and supporting documentation to:

Katherine Krehbiel
Program Manager, Credentialing Programs
ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Once we receive the preliminary application form, ANAB staff will review it and notify you within 10 business days of one of the following:

  • your organization is eligible to proceed with the application process;
  • your organization will need to provide additional information; or
  • your organization is not eligible to apply.

If you are notified of your eligibility to proceed with the process, we will direct you on the next steps, including how to submit the full application and pay the application fee.

For more information on fees associated with the accreditation process please refer to CRED-PR-522 Fees - Accreditation of Credentialing Programs.