Building and Fostering Resilience Through Accreditation

ANAB Webinar – Thursday, January 19, 2023

This Webinar is intended for anyone who wants to understand the effect Accreditation has upon your business and industry as a whole.

Building and Fostering Resilience Through Accreditation

Uncertainty and changes in everyday life have radically impacted us all during the past few years. While we have had to change the overall approach regarding where, when, and sometimes how we work, what hasn’t changed is the need to work competently, consistently, and impartially. Many organizations have navigated the uncertainty and changes seamlessly and have continued to thrive. Some might ask, how? How, in the face of these major challenges, changes, and uncertainty, did they do it? Through resilience. Many organizations know they need to build resilience, as it provides the ability to bounce back and grow in the face of adversity. But how do we build and foster organizational resilience? One way is through Accreditation! This webinar will define organizational resilience, present a few elements of resilience and qualities of being resilient, as well as provide information on how accreditation can provide a foundation upon which to build and foster organizational resilience.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about individual and organizational resilience
  • Acquire information regarding the elements and qualities of resilience
  • Understand how accreditation is the foundation upon which organizations can build and foster resilience
  • See how resilience helps maintain competence and promotes confidence


Emma K. Dutton Ph.D., ANAB | Instructional Designer

Emma Dutton, an instructional designer and instructor for ANAB, has designed and delivered training courses on a number of conformity assessment topics, primarily to the forensic community, since 2013. Prior to joining ANAB, she spent more than 11 years as a quality assurance manager in a forensic laboratory. Her portfolio includes 12 years conducting research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and teaching biology as an adjunct professor.