ANAB Webinar – Thursday, October 27, 2022

This Webinar is intended for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between these two standards.

Some might be asking, “What is the difference between ISO 14065:2020 – General principles and requirements for bodies validating and verifying environmental information, and ISO/IEC 17029 – Conformity assessment – General principles and requirements for validation and verification bodies?” They are both for validation and verification bodies and both state general principles and requirements, but how are they related and what is the overlap between the two? If you want to know more about the integration of these two standards, then this webinar is for you.

This webinar is for those that are interested in knowing more about ISO 14065 and ISO/IEC 17029, and how and when these two requirement documents are used for validation and verification. Participants will be provided a brief review of ISO 14065 structure and content and how ISO 14065 integrates with ISO/IEC 17029, learn some of the key differences and similarities between the two documents and learn how both are used, either independently or together, for verification and validation of claims.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of ISO 14065 and ISO/IEC 17029 structure and content
  • Understand the relationship between ISO 14065 and ISO/IEC 17029
  • Learn the key differences and similarities between the two requirement documents
  • Learn how both are used for GHG validation/verification


Emma K. Dutton Ph.D, ANAB | Instructional Designer

Emma Dutton, an instructional designer and instructor for ANAB, has designed and delivered training courses on a number of conformity assessment topics to the forensic community since 2013. Prior to joining ANAB, she spent more than 11 years as a quality assurance manager in a forensic laboratory. Her portfolio includes 12 years conducting research and development in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries and teaching biology as an adjunct professor.