ISO CASCO Working Group 30 has been formed and has held several meetings to discuss revisions to ISO/IEC 17024:2012. In the course of these discussions several key issues have been identified and the users and interested parties in ISO/IEC 17024 will be well served with information and background about them.

In the current ISO standards development process, the primary stage to express comments about revision to ISO/IEC 17024 will be during the Committee Draft stage. Working Group 30 is nearing the end of its initial discussions and the distribution of the Committee Draft ballot as the first draft of the revision to ISO/IEC 17024 is its current objective.

In this very timely and informative webinar, the ANAB expert to ISO CASCO WG (Working Group) 30 will identify and discuss the key issues now being considered and finalized for the Committee Draft ballot of the revision of ISO/IEC 17024.  This background information will help all those with an interest in this standard understand the significance of the proposed revised text in the Committee Draft and identify areas for especially careful review.  This background will also help place the final revisions (whatever those may be) in to context and will facilitate any actions needed to transition fulfillment to the new version of the standard when published.


Dr. Vijay Krishna, Vice President, Credentialing

Vijay Krishna, ANAB's Vice President, Credentialing Programs

Dr. Vijay Krishna is Vice President, Credentialing at the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). He serves as an IAF representative on ISO WG 30 that is revising ISO/IEC 17024. Vijay is the co-convener of IAF Working Group for Persons and convener of APAC ISO/IEC WG.  He is chair of the IAF Task Force on Competence of Accreditation Body Assessors and Experts.

Dr. Krishna holds a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Learning/HRD from The George Washington University, where he has taught graduate-level courses in leadership, organizational change, and learning in adulthood.

Keith Mowry, Senior Manager of Accreditation

Keith Mowry

As Senior Manager Business Development Keith Mowry collaborates with clients and schemes in all fields of conformity assessment to create and enhance conformity assessment solutions. He represents the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) on the ANSI International Conformity Assessment Committee (ANSI ICAC, the US mirror committee to ISO CASCO), including active membership and participation on the ANSI ICAC Subcommittee for ISO CASCO Chair’s Policy and Coordination Committee.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, With Distinction in the Curriculum. Keith’s external standards and conformity assessment committee work includes various ISO CASCO Working Groups and Technical Advisory Committees.