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ANAB offers training to individuals and organizations seeking to gain knowledge and better understanding of accreditation-related requirements and processes.  ANAB has designed training based on its knowledge and experience, feedback received on previous courses, and the demand for a hands-on, practical approach.

ANAB participates in and is a leader of standards-developing committees and the international accreditation cooperations responsible for developing accreditation requirements. ANAB’s leadership in these activities ensures firsthand knowledge and full understanding of the requirements.

As an accreditation body, ANAB has direct experience with assessments, granting and suspending accreditation, and development of policies for implementing standards. This puts ANAB in the best position to provide the most accurate and technically competent accreditation-related training.  

All ANAB instructors are highly qualified assessors and industry experts with decades of experience in accreditation. Their up-to-date knowledge is assured through participation in regular ANAB professional development sessions.

ANAB training will provide you with knowledge of the requirements and an understanding of practical approaches to their implementation.