Recognition by US States and Canada

Recognition by Canada

Government of Canada

Appointed accreditation body for Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) to accredit EMC/telecom testing laboratories in non-MRA countries under ISED requirements.

ANAB accreditation provides validation/verification bodies recognition under various Canadian regulations, including:

Recognition by U.S. States

Multiple States and Localities

Laws in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, and West Virginia, and some local jurisdictions require food handlers in those jurisdictions have a food-handling training certificate from an ANAB-accredited certificate program, demonstrating compliance with ASTM E2659, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs. Twenty-six states have adopted food protection manager certification requirements, which ANAB accredits under the Conference for Food Protection’s Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.

ANAB is a recognized accreditor by several states for crane operator certification:

  • California Cranes and Other Hoisting Equipment Operating Rules
  • New York City in New Licensing Requirements for Crane Operators
  • Pennsylvania State Board of Crane Operators
  • West Virginia Legislature in the Crane Operator Certification Act.

The City of Pittsburgh requires ANAB accreditation of certifications for HVAC Fire Life Safety Technicians.

California: Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Accreditation of laboratories to the requirements of The NELAC Institute (TNI) Standard under the California State Water Resources Control Board Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).

California: Caltrans Structural Materials Testing Branch, Office of Structural Materials

Accreditation of laboratories to requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for specific tests on reinforcement splicing.

Florida: Environmental Laboratory Certification Program

Accreditation of laboratories for testing of drinking water.


Accreditation of  testing laboratories under the EPD’s Rules for Commercial Environmental Laboratories.

Illinois: Green Governments Coordinating Council

Accreditation of laboratories for testing of products to meet criteria of Green Seal or EcoLogo Standards per Guidelines and Specifications for the Green Cleaning School Act (105 ILCS 140).

Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Performance of onsite assessment to the requirement of field sampling and measurement organization (FSMO) standard in support of accreditation by Louisiana ELAP.

Maryland: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Office of Health Care Quality

ANAB is authorized by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality to assess forensic laboratories’ compliance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).

Maryland: Department of State Police, Office of the State Fire Marshal

Accreditation of testing laboratories that perform work for the state.

Minnesota: Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Performance of onsite assessment in support of accreditation by MN-ELAP.

New York

ANAB is the only accrediting body authorized by the New York State Commission on Forensic Science to accredit forensic laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020.

New York: New York City Building Code

Accreditation of special inspection agencies under Section (c)(3) of 1 RCNY 101-06. Accreditation of laboratories for testing and evaluation of performance of material and equipment regulated by Construction Codes per 1 RCNY 101-07. Accreditation of inspection agencies to evaluate building products for continuous compliance with applicable standards through the listing period per 1 RCNY 101-07.


Recognition as an accreditor for testing and calibration laboratories and inspection agencies for the Building Code and Residential Code of Ohio.


Recognition as an accreditor for validation/verification bodies under the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Pennsylvania: City of Philadelphia Special Inspection Agencies

Accreditation of special inspection agencies under City of Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections Special Inspections Agencies and Inspectors Requirements Document. An agency may use accreditation to ISO/IEC 17020 from an established accreditation entity as an alternative to the Agency Experience Requirements.


ANAB is recognized under Texas Administrative Code to provide forensic accreditation.

Washington: Washington Association of Building Officials

Acceptable Accrediting Authority for accreditation of special inspection agencies under the WABO Special Inspection Registration Program and WABO Standard 1701.

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