April 22, 2016

ANAB and ASCLD/LAB Merge Forensics Operations

ANAB and ASCLD/LAB Merge Operations

The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) has signed an affiliation agreement with the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB), merging ASCLD/LAB into ANAB.

Like ANAB, ASCLD/LAB provides accreditation based on international standards for public and private sector crime laboratories. Both ANAB and ASCLD/LAB are grounded in conducting scientific and technical assessments and committed to assuring competent and credible test and inspection results. The merger with ASCLD/LAB allows ANAB to enhance its expertise in the field of forensics accreditation while providing uninterrupted service to the customers of both organizations.

“ASCLD/LAB was established to meet the needs of the criminal justice system and the merger with ANAB will enhance our ability to continue and strengthen that important service,” John Knappenberger, ANAB President and CEO, said. “Through this merger, ANAB has significantly increased its technical expertise to better serve our forensics customers and the stakeholders that rely on their services.”

Under the merger, all employees of ASCLD/LAB will be retained and they will continue to work at ASCLD/LAB’s offices in North Carolina. ANAB will maintain the ASCLD/LAB brand, and current ASCLD/LAB customers will continue to be accredited under the ASCLD/LAB accreditation symbol.

“The merger allows us to harmonize our forensic accreditation requirements to help increase confidence and value for stakeholders worldwide while providing high quality and reliable accreditation services,” Keith Greenaway, ANAB Chief Operating Officer, said.

Pam Bordner, who served as ASCLD/LAB’s Executive Director, will become Vice President for Forensics of the combined business. Forensics accreditation is one of ANAB’s three strategic business units, the others being laboratory-related accreditation and management systems accreditation.

“ASCLD/LAB brings increased technical experience and breadth to ANAB’s forensic accreditation programs,” Bordner said. “By combining the best aspects of both programs, we will provide added value to the forensics community.”

Formal recognition from and membership in national and international oversight groups is important to enhancing credibility in the accreditation industry, and ASCLD/LAB has maintained recognition and memberships equivalent to that of ANAB.

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